Our very first view of the Port of Cassis

Okay…now Cassis is definitely a favourite, a true favourite to which we will be returning. Promise. For at least a week. It is absolutely gorgeous! (as you can see from John’s stunning photos). We love the hotel, or more precisely, the manager Julien. He is a gem! Friendly, witty, funny and so energetic. The whole place has a relaxed, warm ambience that makes you feel immediately at home. The rooms are nothing flash, but they are clean and comfortable and the shower is huge! The Hotel le Clos des Aromes is a winner (and it’s only a block from the water).

The port…as are most of these shots with water, boats and buildings!

Atmospheric lighthouse with people shot

Just shootin’ the breeze

Dumped our stuff and took off straight for the port. Immediately hopped on a boat that did a 45minute tour of three of the Calanques – these fjord-type inlets that are quite amazing. The water is so turquoise and the stone so white. Truly beautiful.

Iconic Cassis photo

Fishing boats

Once twilight fell, we strolled around the busy port just basking in the glow of the atmosphere of all the restaurants and families and couples having a wonderful time. People talking, laughing, dogs checking each other out, kids still running around – it was Saturday night, after all. Some of the best photos are from this walk around the port. Can we move here? Bit too far to commute, huh?

This shot is one of my favourites – the light is so perfect

…But this one is pretty fab too

Motor bikes at twilight

Cassis marina

Pollarded trees and evening cafe patrons

The next morning we did the walk to the third Calanques which took nearly 3 hours there and back. What a work-out! Real hiking, but absolutely breath-taking views and the most amazing water. It’s a shame it’s only spring and the water is too cool, otherwise we would’ve been in there like a flash. Didn’t stop others, though not many of them – the crowds were mainly sunning themselves (or baking themselves!). Hope to swim in the Mediterranean before this trip is over, though!

Now THAT is the way to do the Mediterranean!

Water view from our walking trail of the Calanques

The limestone is just stunning

The turquoise water (due to the limestone) is crystal clear

How idyllic is this?!

Came back to our hotel which has a very popular restaurant – we had lined up with the manager yesterday for some bouillabaisse for lunch. Neither of us had had true bouillabaisse before and it was certainly an experience. There was so much food. Firstly the gigantic tureen of soup with cheese and a saffron paste on the side to add to the toasted bread to dip in the soup. Then the platter of many types of cooked whole fish (plus potatoes), which the waiter filleted for us to put back in our soup. He then took the tureen away and filled it AGAIN! We had to stop well before it was gone cause there was just too much for two people.

Nothing like good security for your prized possessions!

This little beach is called ‘The Best One’!

Spent the rest of the day recovering from lunch and wandering around our lovely sea town, knowing we will miss it when we go. Oh well, we have beautiful Italy to look forward to.

Ah, Cassis…I’m in love!!

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  1. shit. I totally forgot that you guys had this up and running- and then I had lunch/breakfast (I hesitate when tempted to use the word brunch. does that make me too inner-city if I use that word?)) with Jono and Nams… was so lovely to see both of them. Hadn’t had a chance to catch up with Naomi since coming to Melbourne. Good to hear that you are having an amazing time, even though I am incredibly jealous of you both.VCA is rather wonderful. Lots of amazing opportunities and fantastic people in my year to become best of friends with. Love lots… I’d love to have a good catch up over Christmas break. Tom xx

  2. ha, what I meant to write was that i had brunch (fuck it I’ll use the bloody word!) with n and j and we ended up talking about your world tour and that reminded me that i had to check out your blog. small, fairly irrelevant point…but still needed for sake of clarity none the less!

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