Highcliffe House, Lynton

The Fine Dining Dessert of Luxury Accommodation

We had been wanting to visit Highcliffe House for so long, and once international travel from Australia opened, we knew that this would be a priority!

What a majestic Victorian property! The views are stunning, the breakfasts beyond delicious and the rooms gorgeous. Robert and Richard are consummate hosts and Lucy and Liz (the housekeeping team) were smiling and helpful throughout.

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From the moment we pulled into the driveway, we were being looked after – Robert came out to help guide us into a tricky parking spot before ushering us into the lounge to join two other guests who had just checked in and were being treated to the complimentary homemade Devonshire Tea. We sank into the plush sofa and indulged in scones still warm from the oven and locally sourced blackberry jam, the focus of our gaze torn between the views of the coastline and the stunning artworks on display around us.

When looking through their extensive and helpful website in my planning, I had my sights set on the Summerhouse room, so I booked way ahead so as not to miss out. We loved the extra space in the room, the huge, super comfortable bed, and the endless superb views (enjoyed with a lovely midsummer cross breeze from the open windows of this corner suite).

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We enjoyed meeting other travellers in the beautifully furnished shared spaces of Highcliffe House, either over an indulgent breakfast or sipping cocktails of an evening before heading out for dinner in one of the outstanding restaurants recommended by our hosts. It was clear that this establishment is a dear favourite of many travellers, as there were many repeat visitors who all raved about their accommodation and experiences of this exclusive, boutique B&B.

Requesting a time for their award-winning breakfast is an important part of planning for the next day. With Robert and Richard being the only staff preparing and serving, things have to run smoothly and efficiently. Guests are asked to select their breakfast dining time at check in (or earlier, if you plan ahead) and make their menu choices before going to dinner the night before. This allows for the two hosts to prepare and serve all courses of this morning feast in a timely manner – silky smooth all the way. This two-way communication allows for them to provide guests with the experience they are renowned for. Providing an arrival time is not just a courtesy, it ensures that your scones for your complimentary cream tea are truly fresh out of the oven.

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During the initial meeting at check in, Robert’s attentiveness did not stop at the welcoming tea and scones. His easy conversation is also an informal gathering of information about his guests so that he can tailor their experience to make their stay perfect. While I had previously checked out the various options on the website on how to spend our time, it was helpful to have clarification and guidance on things we were tossing up between. His recommendations were spot on!

In the lead up to our trip, the email communication was also timely and valuable. We made reservations for meals at all of the restaurants recommended, for which I am grateful. We would’ve missed some amazing meals if we had waited until we arrived to make our reservations.

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We stayed three nights and wish we could’ve stayed longer. I can see why Highcliffe House and her hosts are ranked so highly on Tripadvisor, and the gushing reviews are no exaggeration. This is no surprise, given their attention to detail in all services and amenities provided to guests, and why they are usually booked solid for most of the season.

Accommodation: Highcliffe House

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