Oscar’s Seafood Bistro, Galway

Garlic prawns

Dinner at Oscar’s Seafood Bistro was outstanding, not only was the food of a high quality, but we also had a REALLY nice waitress – one who obviously enjoyed her job and was very good at it. We shared a couple of starters (have been eating so much on our trip): Prawns sautéed in garlic and lemon butter, served with basil marinated tomato salad; Smoked salmon and Mexican style spiced avocado and tomato salad (basically guacamole); with 2 sides of onion rings and vegetables.

For desserts we went with the baked banana with caramel/toffee on top, butterscotch parfait, homemade biscuits and chocolate drizzle; dark, dark chocolate pudding (with sauce), Bailey’s ice-cream sandwiched between homemade cookies, served on sweet orange slices.

Everything was delicious and the whole night was a wonderful. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

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