Ard Bia at Nimmo’s Restaurant, Galway

Smoked Gubbeen polenta cake

We went to Ard Bia twice during our stay in Galway. Our first visit was for dinner, and we were very impressed with their inventive and exciting menu, especially the vegetarian fare! The wine menu was also varied and tasty! We went all ‘carby’ and had: Pan-fried squash and smoked Gubbeen (cheese) gnocchi, with artichoke, hazelnut picarde, confit fennel & carrot; Chickpea pancake stuffed with purple broccoli, with garlic & feta piquillo pesto. Delicious and very filling!

Chickpea pancake and polenta

Our next visit to Ard Bia for was for lunch: squash, chickpea, sweet potato green curry with brown basmati and coriander; crispy red chard, smoked Gubbeen polenta cake with sautéed garlic courgettes, tomatoes and a piquilo, pistachio pesto. Apparently, their breakfasts are mighty fine, too . . . and the freshly made cakes that grab your attention the moment you walk through the door, are way too appealing!

Overall, an outstanding restaurant! Another winner – would highly recommend this café/restaurant/wine bar to anyone visiting Galway.

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