Hargadon Brothers, Sligo

Hargadon Brothers is one of the oldest pubs in Ireland and has recently benefitted from an extensive refurbishment – not to glam it up and make it all slick and blingy and modern, but to fix it up to look as it once did – all full of snugs and little booths, providing such charm and atmosphere. When you combine that with a fun bartender who makes excellent suggestions when making choices for lunch, the place is pretty much perfect, really. The friendly barman suggested we sit in a snug at the very front of the pub with a window onto the street, so completely self contained that we had to exit the pub to enter the snug from a tiny door next to the establishment’s entrance. Being completely enclosed meant that our barman did his serving through a little window, like he was serving us from a mobile diner! More than a tad cool and fun! We enjoyed some hearty and huge servings of soup and quiche – both excellent, and warm and filling! Would visit again!

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