Solis Lough Eske Castle Hotel

Solis Lough Eske Castle Hotel, Ireland

Ah, yes, Solis Lough Eske Castle – absolutely beautiful! Stayed in one of the Garden Suites, which was spacious and quiet – free of the noise of the weddings (taking place both nights we were there). Gas fireplace in the room, evening turn down with chocolates, complementary nutty nibbles with the wine in the bar – really 5 star is the way to go, every time!!

We relaxed in the bar with bubbles and said nibbles waiting for friends to meet us – the service was friendly and professional – pre-empting our every need! The atmosphere was lovely – such classic decor and furnishings, fires burning and the perfect choice of background music floating from the speakers.

Garden Suite at Solis Lough Eske Castle Hotel, Ireland

After meeting our friends and going into Donegal Town for dinner, we came back to the Lough Eske for our nightcaps, and sat for ages in one of the lounges with the fire burning and a hot whiskey for my sore throat. The problem was that it was far too relaxing an atmosphere, and we didn’t head off to bed until 1am (yet the bar staff showed no sign of flagging – and they must’ve been exhausted!).

There was no early start the next morning! We dragged our tired and overindulged bodies to breakfast at 9:30 for the beginnings of what was to be a day of EXTREME relaxation and decadence. Dawdling for an hour over breakfast with friends (making numerous returns to the buffet tables, and requesting freshly made omelette from the ‘freshly cooked eggs station’) made for a salubrious start to the day.

As the first commitment after breakfast was an 11am full body massage for both of us (in the double massage room, no less!), there was no need to even rise much before our morning repast for that tedious grooming regime that included showering – what was the point when we were going to be covered in oils and prodded and stroked and pinched and pummelled in bliss? The masseuse was fantastic – her technique was spot on. She was also quite firm, as requested, so am now beginning to feel a little tender in those ‘cement spots’ – but in a good way! After this hour of bliss, the instructions were quite clear – for maximum benefit of the treatment, the oil was supposed to remain on the body for at least 2 hours after the massage while drinking lots of water to aid the expunging of the toxins. Ok, no problem. That just meant swanning about in robes in the relaxation room, and then our suite (just a few metres across the garden) while a light room service lunch of soup was ordered and delivered and eaten before going for a swim and using the thermal pool in the spa. Too easy!

Interior of original Lough Eske Castle, Ireland

Really quite a perfect way to spend the day. After finally getting around to a shower in the afternoon, we moved up to the main castle where we shared an afternoon tipple and read the Saturday papers.

We all dressed for dinner and met our friends in their suite for champagne before heading to the dining room. A superb dinner followed and yet another late night. Everything at Lough Eske was perfect – for either a romantic getaway or for a weekend with friends.

We can’t wait to return!

ROOM TIP: If there is a wedding happening (as with most weekends) and you are not attending, request a suite away from the main house.

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