First full day in Naxos

Got ingredients for our lunch at this grocery store for €2
Temple of Apollo on hill (famous spot for sunset watching, as you will see later on…)
Our first full day in Naxos was spent wandering the streets of the port and the old town exploring our home for the next few days. It’s clear that this would be quite a crowded party place in the high season, with the many tavernas, cafés, and bars everywhere. Which makes this the perfect time for us to travel – much more low key, less people, no boogying party music on into the wee hours of the morning. (Although the café next door has some interesting morning coffee music – ‘Killing Me Softly’ was the first one heard this morning! It gets better in the afternoon with laidback jazz.)
The musicians practising in the afternoon for the evening performance
Keira Knightley warrior
A chance sighting of a poster near the waterfront led to a tour of the astounding kastro overlooking the port, and purchasing front row tickets to world-class classical guitar and violin playing in the evening. Two hours of musical bliss in the cellar of the Domus Della Rocca. This kastro, built by Venetian crusaders from the 4th crusade, was constructed with recycled Naxos ancient ruins and Santorini volcanic mortar. This made the cellar acoustically perfect – especially for strings. The beautiful music was enhanced at interval with the supply of complimentary wine and liqueurs from the family cellars. Very generous and a lovely touch. We had such a fantastic evening that we have booked tickets to another concert, this time jazz, for our last evening in Naxos.
Panorma shot of Naxos from the Temple of Apollo (As with all of the photos, please ‘click’ in this one to make it bigger to see it better )
Nic (and ferry) from the balcony of the old kastro

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  1. you are indeed blessed with the weather-and the scenes of each site are exhilarating! Have you indulged in desserts? I'm hoping there are some more food shots coming! LOLhugshenri

  2. Yes, food shots are coming, promise! Re dessert – have mainly been trying the individually wrapped chocolates, but last night succumbed to a mini berry-topped cheesecake that we split (it wasn't THAT mini!). Thanks for your continuing comments, Henri, much appreciated!xN

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