The rain continues…

Lunch at Sri Nirwana Maju

On Monday, the girls (boringly!) went to work. So John and Nic set out to make their own fun. The now usual morning thunderstorms did delay the official start to the day…although the thunderstorms aren’t usually in the morning – they are normally, like any good country, tropical or otherwise, around the time when kids are due to leave school in the afternoon! The taxi drivers are quite perplexed by the apparent early onset of the wet season. Oh well. We headed to our local shopping mall, Bangsar Village, to find a spot of lunch before our afternoon massage at “Hammam.” We ate at Sri Nirwana Maju on Jalan Telawi 3 – we had a standard Indian vegetarian set menu plus mango lassi for…wait for it…19 ringgit total – that’s about $6 AUD for both of us for lunch, not EACH, but BOTH – bargain!

Inside ‘Hammam’

We then toddled off to our appointment at “Hammam.” Now, this place was the massage/spa equivalent of “Boudoir.” The interior was done out like a plush Turkish bath house, but without all the burly men slapping you silly with hot towels and violent massage action.  Instead, we chose our oils, disrobed, had our feet washed, and drank sweet tea and ate baklava while reclining on white leather lounges, awaiting the massage to come. And this was sweetly delivered, too. Again, beautiful Asian girls, who looked fragile but were deceptively strong, administered full body massages in a way that gave us no indication of how sore we would be the following day. Good job! Afterwards, we were given more tea and baklava in the dimly lit, incense-scented common lounge area, before dressing, handing over the credit card, and wandering out in a blissful daze.

Walking through Bangsar

Due to the weather, the four of us decided not to travel too far from our digs for dinner, and decided on “La Bodega” for dinner (Jalan Telawi 2 – one block over from the lunch venue in Bangsar). The food here was very good, but they really had no idea about serving drinks. Firstly, we ordered cocktails to start, but they didn’t actually deliver them until 15 minutes into the meal – and then they were the wrong order. The manager then made the poor customer service decision to poor them down the sink rather than give them to us for free. We ordered a bottle of wine to have with the rest of the meal, which didn’t arrive until the very last mouthfuls. Training of how to serve alcohol urgently required! We did, however, enjoy an array of tapas style dishes that we eagerly shared and ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ over. Overall, yet another pleasant evening.

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