A day of pampering

A rainy view of Brickfields

The last few days have been a tad wet. Thankfully, not all day everyday, but there has been a thunderstorm and steady run for at least a few hours each day this week. Our morning was another delightfully lazy one – fabulous sleep in, then excellent fresh fruit salad breakfast courtesy of Philly (mangos, yellow melon, mint, yoghurt and chai). This was only the beginning of a day of decadence, led by our two hosts in Malaysia.

Nic being pampered at ‘Boudoir’

We headed out in the sprinkling rain via a taxi to the Brickfields area of KL for lunch – an area with a predominantly Indian atmosphere thanks to the Indian and Sri Lankan labourers who moved here when this was the location for making bricks to rebuild KL after the late 19th century fires (but an area still a distance from Little India). Unfortunately, this sprinkling rain turned into a downpour, and after a drive through the area with our cab driver, Sam, trying to show us some points of interest, we abandoned our search.  Instead, we were taken to Mid Valley shopping centre in our quest for a nice Indian lunch, and completely changed our mind by going to Seed Café and having traditional Malay instead! Nic finally got her nasi lemak (rice soaked in coconut milk before steaming, with cucumber, small fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, and a spicy sambal sauce on the side, usually accompanied by chicken and or curried vegetables – Nic opted for no chicken).

John’s finished pretty tootsies!

Happy feet

The afternoon brought us back to the local shopping centre (Bangsar Village) and our introduction to “Boudoir” – the most plush mani/pedi place probably EVER created! The experience began sitting in oversized luxurious, jade green velour armchairs while a beautiful Asian girl washed our feet. Then a handsome man asked us whether we would like a glass of white or red wine, and promptly delivered our choice alongside a small plate with two exquisitely perfect macaroons. Then the pampering REALLY began. The administering by our two handmaidens each (or one handmaiden, one ‘footmaiden’ each!) was a throw back to how Nic is positive she was treated in another life – you know, royalty and all that. Their hands were gentle, yet thorough, and their finished work was immaculate. Even after the manicure had been finished (and the pedicure was still in progress) and Nic spilled one tiny macaroon crumb on her thumb nail, her handmaiden quickly ran back to her side to dispose of the abomination, and reapply the shininess!  One of the biggest highlights of this experience was for the 3 girls to witness the rapture on John’s face as he succumbed to the decadence and joy of such excessive pampering.

Dinner awaits being cooked at Pantai Seafood Restaurant

…more on death row

The only way to celebrate all that hand and foot beauty was to go out to dinner. Jon and his partner, with his friends visiting from Melbourne, and a work colleague took us to dinner at Pantai Seafood restaurant in Petaling Jaya. Andrew is Malay and knows this restaurant very well, so ordered the most magnificent feast for us. There were 9 of us for dinner, but there really was probably enough food for double that amount of people. Not that you would have known it from the way we shovelled it down, all with accompanying moans and eyes rolling back into our heads! The only thing missing was Rob Reiner’s mother at the next table saying, “I’ll have what she’s having!” Every dish was superb, but the highlight for both Nic and John was the whole grilled fish in a lemon, ginger and coriander sauce. Simply perfect! The other surprise was dessert – a sweet ginger tea with 2 dumplings filled with toasted seasme seeds. Needless to say, we all went home as boombahs – not one of us able to restrain ourselves during the evening!

Nic eating dumplings

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