Los Angeles

Universal Studios Entrance

Arrived after a long 13 and a half hour flight a tad tired and disoriented. LA is so huge and spread out – not at all like other big cities with easy to navigate public transport. Will definitely get a rental car immediately upon arrival next time so as not to waste money on cabs. Stayed at the Elan Hotel Modern – lovely small hotel, friendly staff, very comfortable beds. Started to feel tired but soldiered on to see Kathleen Turner and Bill Irwin in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – both absolutely fantastic in their roles. SO cold that night – so much for sunny LA!

Decided to rent a car for our next day and went to Universal studios for the VIP tour. Outstanding things were the 4-D Shrek show, the Back to the Future ride and the Waterworld show. The backlot tour of sets and props store was of particular interest to us. Food was a major disappointment, but hardly a surprise – I don’t think it was possible to purchase any food at that place not dripping with fat.

Waterworld Show

That evening had the complementary drinks in the lobby of our hotel and then went for a drive down Santa Monica Boulevard to the coast. Was quite excited by the sight of the Beverly Hills police station (you know, Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy). I stayed in the car and out of the cold while John ran around taking photos.

Beverly Hills Police Station

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  1. Glad to see you guys are off to a good start! Very nice photos, I like the waterworld one there – lots of colour.Enjoy the american food 😉 Order an extra blue cheese topping for me (blegh)

  2. Hi Dad & Nicole,Sounds like you are having a ball!There’s a lot of info to read about! Dad – I always knew you were a good photographer, but the more I see, the more you blow me away with your talent! Its because of you I always liked photography… striving to do what you do with it…Anyway, hope your trip continues to surprise and delight, and looking forward to the ‘presentation’ when we get back! Hehehe.Love always,Naomi

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