Bull’s Head Restaurant, Dingle

Apparently Bull’s Head has only recently be re-worked, and so the B&B we stayed at hadn’t had a chance to try it, but we loved this restaurant. It had exciting, inventive dishes on offer for a wide range of tastes – carnivores, vegetarians and pescatarians alike! It was also particularly good value, especially when compared to other restaurants in the area. We had a chatty waitress who kept us excellent company (for, once again, we were the first people in the joint because we like to eat early!!).
We begun with our great undoing in every restaurant we’ve been to – the amazing breads (here served with delicious rapeseed oil and dukka!) This was followed by hake cooked with vegetables, sun-blushed tomatoes, herbs, garlic & white wine for my husband and oven-baked salmon fillet topped with a light breadcrumb and rocket pesto (both were outstanding). But the highlight was the side of carrots tossed with crispy, caramelised onions and cabbage in olive oil. Could’ve just eaten the bowl of carrots! We finished with a cheese plate – the highlight of which was the dillusc cheese (seaweed) – nice and pongy! Good choice!

We would definitely go to Bull’s Head again – I just hope that more people in the tourist industry get along to try it so they can start recommending it to their guests (and in the meantime, I hope they check the TA reviews!).

PLEASE NOTE: As at June 2012 the head chef moved on

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