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Shopping bliss – the Galleria

Only one evening in Milan, but it was enough for us to know that we quite liked it. Much more than we expected to after reports of the ridiculous expense of everything and the rip-off scams that apparently abound. The public transport was a dream – fast, efficient, clean, safe and easy to use. And, yes, everything IS hideously expensive in Milan, but it was a fantastic place to window shop, especially in the beautiful Galleria. Drooled over some lovely Mont Blanc pens and watches and some exquisite Lladro sculptures. The Duomo was wonderful in its pink marble gothic magnificence and we were thrilled to discover that you can go up on the roof and wander around among the buttresses and grinning holy figures. The views were, of course, spectacular, but it was simply pretty cool hanging out on the roof!

Milan Duomo floor

On the rooftop of the duomo

Refurbished statue

Just when we thought the roof couldn’t get any higher…

Duomo duck

After many days eating good, hearty pastas and pizzas it was a real joy to indulge in some fine dining in Milan. Pan-seared tuna fillets, tiny tissue-paper-thin pastry wrapped fish sitting on a bed of roasted vegetables, and a serve of 3 petite crème brulees flavoured with 3 different kinds of tea! Oh, the life!

Headless Nic…but more importantly – the dessert!

Milan at night with rain, pretty huh?

The accommodation was a bit ordinary, but you have to pay double what you would anywhere else for pretty average stuff. It’s always a bit of a worry when, instead of chocolates on the pillows, there are earplugs! The garbage trucks at 6am were a special treat. All in all, for our brief hours there, we think you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy Milan, but we are sure that it would help.

Bike in a golden street

Final shot of the Duomo. As a black and white and with the rain you can ignore the scaffolding. Well, we did…

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