L’Alliance Restaurant, Amboise

Perusing the menu at L'Alliance, Amboise

Perusing the menu at L’Alliance, Amboise

L’Alliance is a lovely little restaurant in the town, within easy walking distance of pretty much all accommodation. It had been recommended to us by our hosts at Les Fleurons B&B, who even contacted the restaurant to give them a “heads up” that we were both vegetarian (France is not renowned for its vegetarian friendly fare). So they made a valiant effort to please the eccentric vegetarians in France, and bombarded us with lots of baked egg and cheese combinations for both entrée and main – really, steamed veggies would’ve sufficed! But the service was cheerful and very friendly, and we appreciated their efforts (maybe one day, vegetarians won’t be such a novelty in the French countryside!). I don’t what they would’ve done if we had been vegan!

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Overall, while the meal sat a little heavily, the evening was still lovely – mainly thanks to the ambience and the service. Using the TripAdvisor ‘scoring’ if I was only assessing the vegetarian meal, this place would’ve been “average” rather than “very good” – the regular menu would’ve delighted any carnivore, and there were many satisfied diners around us. Hopefully, they will begin to move with the times and offer other options on their menu in the future (without having to have 24hours warning).

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