Saks San Angel, Mexico City

Exterior of Saks in San Angel, Mexico City

Exterior of Saks in San Angel, Mexico City

We wandered into Saks San Angel without any knowledge of the restaurant, only that our driver waved his hand in the direction of the building and assured us we would find something nice to eat.

The service was impeccable from the moment we entered the stone arched doorway. Our sommelier asked whether we wanted Mexican or Spanish for our vino tinto, and when we hesitated she brought us both to try – we went with the Mexican. To begin the meal was the bread, a common enough opening play in a good restaurant, but this gift was beyond our other wheaty-carb experiences. The basket contained a dark brown flat lavash-looking crisp bread, plus pairs of slices of 4 other bread types (tomato, dark seeded, sour dough and something else equally delish). This came with 3 dishes of whipped colour to dip or spoon onto the bread – wonderful hommus, an avocado and green chilli dip and a spicy tomato salsa. We were half way through the bread basket when they whipped it away and replaced it with a fresh one without us noticing. Damn them! Too. Many. Carbs!

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For ‘real food’ we ordered two dishes to share: a Saks Salad – a pair of mini-artichoke hearts, palm heart, goats cheese, cherry tomatoes, avocados, olives, asparagus, ginger, mushrooms, sprouts, spinach, arugula, served with traditional Turkish dressing; and a serve of 3 cheese enchiladas with green salsa. A wonderful meal on all counts.

We were thrilled at the choices for vegetarians, but rest assured that there were many wonderful options for carnivores, too!

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