Adelaide Treasury Tour

Adelaide Town Hall clock tower

What a relaxing day was had! We really had no plans today (apart from a lovely lunch, of course!) Sleeping in is always a good start to the day – and managing to sleep until 7am is a rare thing for me!! Going for a walk before breakfast is a good way to begin (makes all the indulgences of the day before just disappear!!), and the drop of the balmy 28 degrees of yesterday to 8 this morning wasn’t such a big deal (the overcast greyness threatened rain, but it was all bluster with no substance!).

Lunch was had with family and friends at Press Food & Wine on Waymouth St. The food was scrummy, but a tad overpriced. It’s a very funky, stylish restaurant and wine bar with a very nice and diverse selection of tasty morsels, or large portions of equally yummy things if you are hungry. Our lunch stretched well into the afternoon, but we called it quits earlier than our companions, and headed back to the Treasury to join a tour that the National Trust was running at our hotel. Glad we did this – would’ve had no idea about the tunnels in the basement without it! They even hire out the basement areas for Valentine’s Day parties and other events. It would be quite atmospheric with all the candelabras lit up!

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